We Do It Real!

Altoona Tang Soo Do

Our teachers teacher

Has been training in the martial arts for four decades


Ron Heller,  founder

September 9 10:30

Black Belt Testing

we teach

We "do it real" every class so you're prepared to defend yourself, or your family, in an emergency. These are just a few of the areas we cover.

  • Gun Defense
  • Knife Defense
  • Throws
  • Forms
  • Fighting
  • Grabs
  • Ground Fighting
  • Bong (stick) Fighting

Our teacher


Tang Soo Do is widely recognized as the authentic martial art of Korea. It’s philosophies and technical aspects are derived primarily from Korean teachings and wisdom, but it is the blending of these philosophies which has led Tang Soo Do to be recognized as one of the foremost authentic martial art styles. 

Master Instructors

Altoona Tang Soo Do has the largest number of Master instructors in Central Pennsylvania. We have students from 6-to-60-years-old so it's never too late to start your martial arts training. 

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