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get in the best shape of your life and learn how to defend yourself

  • Assaults in Blair County are on the rise. 
  • Karate is good training for your cardiovascular system. 

About our Do Jang

master debra valent

     Masters Rank 4th degree in Tang Soo Do.

     Master Valent enrolled in a semester of Judo at Mount Aloysius College in 1980 and fell in love with the martial arts! 

     She and her husband John Valent started training in 1981 in Pittsburgh and with the exception of a few years while she was progressing her educational degrees she continued to train.

master dawn hand

Masters Rank 4th degree in Tang Soo Do.

Master george foster

      Mr. Foster Started training in 1986 as a member of the International Tang Soo Do Federation under Master Joe Goss Sr in Johnstown Pa. He trained there until he reached 1st gup and moved to the Altoona Area. 
     Mr Foster started a family and after a few years returned to training with Ron Heller in the Altoona Market where he continues his training.
     Currently he holds a Masters Rank 4th degree in Tang Soo Do. 
     He is a Vice President of Lamar Advertising one of the nations largest billboard companies.
     George serves as  President of the Lay Stewardship Foundation a non profit Catholic organization.  
     In 2016 Mr Foster was commended by the Attorney Generals office for his help in exposing child molesters in the Catholic Clergy.  He was a previous past president of the Altoona Rotary club in which he belongs and is a board member
of the Blair County Arts Foundation.  Mr Foster resides in Hollidaysburg Pa with his wife and six children. 

     Quote" I believe in today's world after a belief in God,  Karate is the greatest gift a parent can give to their children.
     Parents focus on sports, which for 99 percent of kids will never impact their children's future.  The skills we teach at this school gives them confidence, integrity and may very well save their lives.
     All of my children are required to study Karate, not because I love it, because I love them.

Altoona Tang Soo Do was Founded 30 years ago

​Our group classes are an hour and ten minutes long. Attend as many classes as you'd like for only $30 per month for an individual and $45 per month for a family.

Kids learn from instructors with years of experience and at the highest belt levels. If you'd like your children to be better able to defend themselves, learn self-disipline, and respect for adults, contact us today to learn more.

Our Staff

Master chuck ferrell

     Chuck started training back in the late 90's in Davison, Michigan while working as a TV news reporter at WJRT. 

     Chuck continued his training at Altoona Tang Soo Do after returning to Altoona to be the main anchor at WTAJ. 

     Now a retired television news executive and media entrepreneur Chuck holds a Masters Rank 4th degree black belt in Tang Soo Do.

     At 62-years-olds Chuck says you are never too old to start training. Chuck started training in his late 40's along with his three children, two of which reach the rang of black belt.

    Chuck says if you can bring your kids to class you can participate in class. 

Altoona Tang Soo Do


Masters Dibert has been training for over 30-years and is currently a 4th degree black belt. He has over 26-years of experience teaching martial arts as:

- Assistant instructor

- Part-time lead instructor

- Full-time lead instructor

     Master Dibert is a former law enforcement officer and his collateral duties included:

- Defensive Tactics Instructor

- Active Shooter / First Responder Instructor

- Firearms Instructor

- SWAT Instructor

- Sniper Instructor

- Field Training Officer

Master chuck chaney

Masters Rank 4th degree in Tang Soo Do. Former member of the Pennsylvania State Police.